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Along India's 6,000 kilometers of coast line, one small stretch of 100 kilometers on the western coast ranks not only as the best beach in the country, but also as one of the best in the world. Yes, the beaches of Goa are undoubtedly blesses beaches that are long, straight, and palm fringed with an impressive infrastructure of hotels and beach

resorts, restaurants and bars, which cater to all price ranges, from top-notch 5-star luxury, to hippy flop-shops. Goa is one of India's special places, a state endowed with fabulous weather, even more fabulous beaches, delightful people, good food, hill-top forts, little white-washed churches, soaring Portuguese-era cathedrals, a unique cultural legacy-small wonder. Goa is one of India's prime holiday destinations. Come the holidays or just about any long weekend, and Goa is packed with eager Mumbaites hoping to unwind for a few days, and sun-starved Europeans, soaking up all that glorious sun and food.

All of Goa's beaches have large expanses of clean sand, and yet, each has a slightly different character, which is often a result of the people who frequent it, the current popularity of the beachside restaurants, shacks and bars. Starting in the extreme north of the State, where Goa meets Maharashtra, is the Chapora beach with the huge, sprawling Chapora Fort, one of the string of fortresses that were built by the Portuguese to protect their enclave. At the foot of the cliff lies the Vagator beach, with many caves and creeks.

Goa is a paradise for water sports lovers and has always appealed beach enthusiast and water sports loves The long coastal stretches offers ample opportunities to indulge in all sorts of water-sport activities and also to try on some new watery excitement. Surf the seas or float across the skies, the options of sport enjoyment is never ending in Goa. One can never get tired of scuba diving into the wreckage of the colonial ships. The para gliding, para sailing, acquatics sports, water-skiing and wind surfing will be completely thrilling.

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