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How to Set Up Coach Profile?

How to Add A Course To Sell Online?

If you are a professional coach or an instructor or a consultant and you want to sell a book, a research paper, video lecture or any multimedia file, we have given a facility to let you sell them online and raise money from this business. Multiple eCommerce related options are provided in the theme which are supported through WooCommerce to allow the buyers to buy your product.

How to Add A Team Member / Coach / Consultant?

This video tutorial shows how to add a team member or a coach or a consultant and display it on front page. This tutorial let you know about the backend options available to customize teams page.

How to Set Up An Event?

Esperto comes with Events Custom Post Type. All the necessary features required to display an event on a website are given in this theme.

How to Set Up Forms Through Webinane Form Builder?

Webinane Form Builder plugin is a custom plugin provided free of cost in this theme to make any type of Forms to keep in touch with your visitors or clients. All the custom fields required for a Form is given in this useful plugin. Check the video how to set a Form and display on your website.

How to Set Up Widgets for the Sidebars?

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